There are many ways to connect to the work of The Muonde Trust. We welcome opportunities to share with others with similar interests so do please contact us.

We also welcome donations. For those outside of Zimbabwe, and particularly in the United States please accept our invitation to contact the Friends of Muonde to whom you can also make tax deductible donations  To make a direct contribution to the Muonde Trust please contact Alice Ndlovu at

See the video below for an introduction and the original appeal for funding we launched in mid-2013 focused on backing the digital technology deployment to get the message out.

Film Credits
Film: Robert Hickling, Moses Ndhlovu
Editor: Robert Hickling
Assistant Editors: Irma Gogiashvili, Ken Wilson
Photographers: Brock Dolman, Robert Hickling, Moses Ndhlovu



Confident of their Karanga cultural values and indigenous knowledge, the Mazvihwa community (and therefore Muonde Trust) enthusiastically welcomes volunteers who come with respect, a desire for mutual learning and a spirit of sharing. We are particularly interested in “practical dreamers” who have hands-on experience relevant to challenges of improving lives in a semi-arid environment, especially from other indigenous communities around the world. The women in Mazvihwa are particularly keen to have more women visitors.

A priority at the moment is people with experience of arid land ecological architecture.

Please contact us if you’d have interest in volunteering someday.

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